Professional Headshots and Group Photos

Putting Your Best Face on Your Business

On-Location or In Studio?

Studio Headshots

Choose a studio headshot and we'll book a session for you in our Fort Myers studio.

Why Choose a Studio Headshot?

Best for clients looking for a controlled environment (no wind, rain, heat, or distractions), conveniently located in Fort Myers, and solid backdrop options and some textured backdrop options. Especially choose this option if you are in need of a headshot with a transparent background.

On-Location Headshots

Choose an on-location headshot (also known as an "environmental headshot") and we'll book the appointment at the location of your choice (your home or office, a park or urban area, and more!)

Why Choose an On-Location Headshot?

Shooting on location gives you more exciting choices for backdrops and scenes and can feel more natural. While the weather may be unpredictable, we do our best to work around the heat/rain and we bring professional lighting to ensure you look your best!

Corporate Team Photos

From teams of 2 to groups of 100, we can capture everyone responsible for making your business success.  Group photos are offered on location only.

The Power Of A Great Headshot

Just imagine that by making the decision to invest in yourself you could change the direction of your career in ways you never thought possible. Most of us are one new client, new career, new opportunity from reaching that next level in our life. A well crafted headshot allows you to create your personal brand. Professional headshots can open doors, get people’s attention and make sure that you stand out.

We specialize in classic and creative corporate and branding headshots, environmental portraits, and group photos for businesses, nonprofits, government offices, and all professionals. If you are looking for a professional headshot photo, please contact Arista Collective and allow our experienced group of headshot photographers to create a business profile that will get you noticed.

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