Jesi Cason

Studio Manager/Photographer


Jesi has been a photographer for 10 years and started with Arista Collective in January 2017. She specializes in studio lighting and blending flash with ambient light to create seamless, natural looking images.

Fun Fact

Jesi is from Texas, she has two different colored eyes, and her favorite subject to photograph is concerts!

fort myers photographer headshot professional portrait
Pat Gilbride

Photo Manager/Photographer


Pat has been a professional photographer since 2007 and has shot over 200 weddings. He applies his creative documentary style to events, headshots, and more.

Fun Fact

Pat is from Chicago, he loves photographing people in all walks of life, and is an advanced image re-toucher.

Almut Hebebrand



Almut founded Arista Collective in 2017 when she realized there are few photography companies in the Southwest Florida area that specialize in business photography. She has always loved photography and hopes to pick up a camera one day herself!

Fun Fact

Almut is a wife and a mother, recently moved to America from Germany, and loves hockey.

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